Pre/Post Construction Clean-Up & Debris Removal

Remodel Construction knows the pains of a clean out once the project is done, or even before it's started. As an experienced team, we know to expect to clean out all inspection zones as a pre-construction and post-construction best practice.

Remodel's cleaning services and construction debris removal include the following:

- Removing tape, tarps, and plastic coverings
- Window and glass cleaning including scraping of overspray
- Dust and debris removal from exposed walls, ceiling, ducts, pipes, light fixtures, etc.
- Sweep for framing inspection after electricians and plumber.
- Sweeping and vacuuming of all floors and window sills
- Removal of extra drywall, wood, metal, debris, and other junk
- Removing cutouts, boxes, screws, nails, paper and pallets from construction area
- Scrub and clean tiles, sinks, polish stainless steel, wipe walls
- Sweep entire interior and exterior of unit
- Wash interior window glass
- Wash exterior window glass and exterior window sash
- Pick up and throw out packing cases and sweep after plumbers and electricians finish.
- Scrape and sweep for carpet pad
- Wash plumbing fixtures
- Remove labels and protective plastic from windows, sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, mirrors
- Dust baseboards, sills, cabinets
- Sweep and polish window and door tracks, fireplace and exterior of appliances
- Clean counter tops
- Sweep and mop finished floors
- Ongoing regularly scheduled cleanup after construction crews so they can focus on the work
- We remove junk and heavy debris such as wood, metal, drywall, old windows, old doors, trash, and demolition waste.
- We remove old fixtures, sinks, toilets, flooring, ceiling, chandeliers, electrical, pipes, radiators, carpeting, and other construction site waste and construction by-products.
- We bring a dump truck and necessary tools to safely remove all of the debris and recycle or dump the construction waste.

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