Expert Drywall Installation and Dryway Repair in New York City.

Insulating, Boarding, Taping, Texturing, Ceiling finishes, Moldings, Decorative Products, Rounded Corners and Sound Proofing.

Drywall has come a long way and you may know it as a different name such as sheet rock, gypsum board, wallboard, or plaster board.

Over the years manufactures have developed special types of board for certain tasks such as Cement Board, Aqua, Dense Shield, Fire Resistant, Flex, Exterior, Sound Proofing, and Ceiling Board.

Each of these different types of Drywall carries a special purpose that can help add to the overall quality of your project and save you money on repairs.

Being one of the most labor intensive trades you need to make sure that you have a professional up to the task with the experience and patience to get it right the first time.

If you need any of the following drywall services in NYC – contact us:
- Steel stud framing
- Acoustical ceilings
- Drywall installation
- Drywall finishing

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