Remodel Construction's number one goal is to supply New York City residents and business with the highest quality air conditioning & heating service available in NYC. Whether it's a simple furnace repair, or a large air conditioning installation, our highly trained staff will meet and exceed your expectations. We strive on customer satisfaction, and will do anything in our power to make sure you receive individual attention.

Remodel Construction specializes in the following services, but are not limited to:

Air Conditioning Repair:
Not only are our certified and friendly AC technicians able to repair all your air conditioning equipment, our office staff is trained and are extremely knowledgeable. We train every air conditioning NYC service technician, service manager, account manager, dispatcher, and customer service representative in what it takes to repair most HVAC equipment. Whether it be a broken belt or bad compressor you can trust us to do it right. Call us for help with AC Repair Services today.

Air Conditioning Installations:
Looking to replace a PTAC unit? Or how about installing ductless mini split air conditioners? we do it all! Need AC Installation ideas? Please call our highly skilled comfort consultants about our Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement Services on this page.

Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance:
One of the most important things to do when it comes to your HVAC unit running efficiently is proper routine preventive maintenance. Most of the service calls our service department receives is due to a lack of maintenance. Did you know that a dirty air filter could cause so many problems with heating and air conditioners? We offer different residential and commercial preventive maintenance agreements.

Looking for some Heating services in (NYC) New York City? As good as our company is at air conditioning, we are just as good in heating.

Furnace & Heating Repair:
For years our company is on top when it comes to diagnosing and repairing different types of heating applications. Throughout the winter, we keep our trucks fully stocked with different parts that are needed to repair New York heating equipment.

Furnace & Heating Installation:
We have a specific department that specializes in the installation of all different types or heating applications. From PTAC units, to forced hot air, to heat pumps, our comfort consultant will help you out no matter what.

Start today by giving us a call at: 1-888-214-7090 and we will take care of the rest!