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Real estate business. NOT investment.

Distressed property partnership program. (DPPP)
Real estate owned partnership program. (REOPP) offers a unique partnership program. As part of our ERS (efficiency revenue strategy) business model, has established the DPPP
( distressed properties partnership program ). This program offers our partners the unprecedented ability to take advantage of huge profits available in the real estate industry today. We have all heard the stories and glamour of real estate opportunities and their rewards. However, to most these will only remain stories since all successful ventures require money, time, knowledge, experience,  management, operations and most important exit strategy.

Depending on markets, economy, government or god can not be part of a successful business model. Using all these factors has allowed to create the DPPP (distressed property partnership program). Instead of investing into a REIT, FUND, SECTOR or the long term traditional Real Estate Investment opportunities where you are either receiving a fraction of the profits from the real estate sector or stuck in an illiquid property ( investment), you can turn to and become a partner in the real successful estate business. will identify, restore, remodel, manage and sell a distressed property as your operational partner. As partners both parties will be able to generate significant gains. By offering this partnership program can take advantage of the unprecedented amount of opportunities in distressed properties and bank owned inventory due from foreclosure, short sales and other discounted real estate venues without the limitations of the current financial lending economic environment. Our partners can maximize on their investments by becoming an insider of the real estate business industry without the risk, money, time, management and all other factors required to run a successful real estate business.

Using our own construction services to restore and remodel the property will allow for significant additional gains to the partnership since the cost of the restoration / remodel of the property will be the same for the partnership as our business. The efficiency of incorporating our construction business into our real estate business will eliminate the markups incurred when having to hire a construction company to perform these same services. All partners enrolled into our DPPP ( distressed property partnership program ) will have the security of property ownership (dead) until all partnership contacted commitments have been met. This unique approach to the real estate business will allow for both parties to maximize from current market opportunities without the exposure of risk or financial limitations of current economic conditions.

For more information please contact us by calling 888-214-7090 or emailing us at and become the real estate success story.

All properties part of the DPPP will be treated independently. If you are interested in the DPPP ( distressed property partnership program ) or our REOPP
( real estate owned partnership program ) which offers multiple person partnership program, please find additional information below.

FORECLOSURES and/or REOs Continue To Rise. If you keep a constant pulse on the market and have the necessary knowledge and viable resources, this is a great Buyer’s Market and a Fantastic financial opportunity.

In the current state of the economy, we have all heard of foreclosures. We all (as investors) know the opportunity they present. Unfortunately, as the popularity of an opportunity grows, so do the marketing predators trying to push expensive programs and workshops.
REAL foreclosure opportunity is usually only available to investors for a few days, not weeks. Performing market analysis DAILY. We determine which areas are the most profitable and which properties in those areas are the most viable.

Our business does not stop with market analysis, however. We handle EVERY aspect of the investment in foreclosed property. As you can imagine, many foreclosures are in need of work and may be categorized as “Distressed Property”. New flooring, paint, repairs, etc., may be necessary to maximize our return. We take all challenges with default property investments. From acquisition, to management, through the liquidation of the properties.

Qualified REO Specialist.
In the “boom” of the foreclosure market, REOs have become a profitable investment tool. Known as “real estate owned”, these properties have been returned to the bank after attempts were made to sell the property through foreclosure auctions. Since banks are in the business of lending money, not owning property, properties are offered in bulk at steep discounts. The “over-stock” of REOs today, is directly connected to the failure of many banks and lenders. Too much inventory and not enough operating capital means banks are offering their REO packages at historically low rates.

Typically, in a strong market a good REO Specialist can acquire viable property for about 80 cents on the dollar. In TODAY’S market, good, rent/move-in ready property can be acquired for as little as 50 cents on the dollar. As REO liquidators we can buy these properties in bulk, mark them up to about 70, or 80 cents on the dollar and re-sell them individually. Others will convey that they are selling them for 50 cents on the dollar, against the loan value. However, the loan value is approximately 30% higher (or more) than today’s fair market value, so what is being conveyed is typically a half-truth with regards to your margins of profitability. We negotiate directly with the bank and essentially determine LOCATION, TYPE, COST and at what margin against TODAY’S fair market value we want to acquire property. We pick an area, get a list of properties from the bank that meet the requirements and even have TWO WEEKS to perform any due diligence, prior to purchase.

Bank resources are only interested in making “big”, “bulk” deals. We cannot, nor would we approach a bank resource with less than $2,000,000 per transaction. This is why REOs have been a great opportunity for institutional investors. Our REOPP (real estate owned partnership program ) offers multiple persons (group purchase) to invest collectively in order to meet the minimum of $10M and get the REO properties.

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