Increase your business revenue using the multi market network.

As a general construction services provider we have referred or directed our clients to all types of business in the real estate sector including architects, brokers, mortgage providers, lenders, insurance adjusters, appraisal companies, attorneys, engineers and even in some case sub contractors. Most of these business referrals are provided without financial benefits. The general business approach to these referrals is, it's not my business so I'm not interested, don't have the time nor want the liability.

However, as we all know referrals the the most successful venue for new business opportunities. has filtered this referral opportunity using our efficiency revenue strategy business model and developed a multi market RRP (revenue referral program). By prescreening all members has eliminated the liabilities that come with a referral and created a new revenue opportunity for your business. Our members can safely generate additional revenues that come from a welcomed business provider without the liabilities of the "recommendation". The RRP offers any business the opportunity to help their clients connect with multi industry businesses safely while increasing untapped business revenue sources. Members of our RRP will not only generate additional referral business revenue, as a member you will increase the activity of your business by receiving these multi market referrals, the best "new business" source available.

Our RRP membership welcomes all business in the real estate and construction industry. This includes but not limited to:

  • Appraisal service providers
  • Architects
  • Engineering companies
  • Financial lenders
  • General contractors
  • Home and garden retail centers
  • Home improvement retail centers
  • Interior designers
  • Kitchen and bath showrooms
  • Mortgage providers
  • Property management providers
  • Real estate attorneys
  • Real estate brokers
  • Real estate developers
  • Real estate investors
  • Furniture suppliers

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