This construction company did a fantastic job painting our studio floors! The guys were extremely professional and got everything done in a quick turn around time. They used the highest grade of paint and the floors were completely dry within a day. They even came back the next day to help us move the furniture back to its original place. Highly recommend Rem0del Construction in Brooklyn. Amazing work!
-Farina, Brooklyn, NY

After searching for a local construction company, I learned about upon Remodel through my best friend! Their work is thorough, they are timely and they made my dream kitchen come true. Thank you Remodel!
-Louis Elliot, Nassau, NY

I hired Rem0del Construction to remodel our kitchen. I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for and so I wanted to work with an experienced kitchen contractor who could give me idea's. Rem0del.com offered a ton of idea's on what to do, the price was reasonable, and the work was fantastic! They finished right on-time and on budget! I have heard horror stories from friends working with other kitchen contractors and I feel very lucky to have found these guys. I can't wait for them to do my bathroom :) Highly recommended!
-Tony D. Staten Island, NY

"I found Remodel's experience one of the best i've seen in years. I've been remodeling my home for some time and i've been through several companies. Remodel's work ethic and speed was the best i've hired."
-Greg Peyse, NY

"I've been looking around for top local contractors and I came upon Remodel NYC. After speaking to them I picked them for my remodel. I started with just the first floor and then (impressed by their work) I did an extension and fixed the rest of my house... it looks amazing!"
-Lorane, LI

"After Sandy; my home was a wreck...luckily for me I was quickly rescued by Remodel's team. They came to clean-up, redesign and rebuild my new amazing home and I can't thank you guys enough!"
-Ariel Jenkins, NY

My wife and I used Rem0del Construction for our small bathroom and kitchen renovations. We had an excellent experience. Both rooms turned out better than we imagined. Th Rem0del team worked quickly and efficiently, working around our hectic lives, and still leaving us with a livable situation while under construction. The kitchen was especially well done. They incorporated our ideas as well as bringing the designers own expertise to bear. Renovating a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan can be a huge challenge, but the rem0del team were true professionals and a master of their craft.
-Michael S.P Upper West Side NYC

"Made my new home a dream come true. Starting with the design aspects, to the concept building, blueprinting, construction, piping, plumbing, i mean you name it and Remodel can do it. My kitchen and bath was a success and i plan on returning!"
-Krystal Mars, BKLYN

"My new home is amazing!! Thank you so much for all your work and great craftsmanship, you won't regret hiring these guys, they are the best!"
-K.H., Bronx